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Carnelian chain

The carnelian pendant is made of RJC certified eco-friendly& recycled 925 sterling silver and handmade with fire and passion. I found the carnelian during my wanderings through India a few years ago. The details in the pendant are hand engraved.

chain length 45 cm ; pendant size, pendant diameter 2,8cm; stone diameter 1,5cm

In ancient Greece, carnelian was considered the stone of the returning sun and was one of the most precious gemstones at the time. In Egypt one was of the opinion the precious stone possessed a divine strength. Carnelian gives zest for life, vitality and protects against depression. It helps against sleeplessness and pessimism, supports with difficult decisions, gives courage to its wearer and helps to more assertiveness. Carnelian promotes a sense of community and conveys a good mood. This healing stone is suitable for all people – however, Carnelian is mainly attributed to the zodiac signs Scorpio, Taurus and Aries.

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