Egypt-Goddess necklace

The Egypt-Goddess necklace is made of brass with a carnelian and embedded lava stone and shell and was handmade with fire and passion. The carnelian, lava stone & I found shells on my wanderings through India.

Carnelian is a stone that conveys stability, a sense of community and idealism. It promotes good spirits, courage to face life and helps to enjoy beauty while keeping both feet on the ground. It also supports concentration, the sense of reality, a pragmatic-realistic approach and strengthens self-confidence. The shell as an animal living in the sea is the attribute of sea deities, who are said to have emerged from the myth after the sea. Since the shape of the mussel resembles the female sex, it is considered a symbol of female sexuality, eroticism and fertility. Lava stone gives you more drive and fresh energy. It helps with a restart and grounding.

chain length 680mm; trailer dimension H 72mmx W 72mm

Stone dimension W 15,5mmx L 11,5mm

The chain length can be changed as required.

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