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Amethyst Quartz Chain

The amethyst quartz necklace is made of high quality& recycled silver and is handmade&environmentally friendly with fire and passion. The crystal in this piece of jewelry is very unusual and has an insane fire and power in it. Even a small amethyst cave is included.

The violet amethyst, also called datura, opens the heart and supports the imaginative expression of emotions. It is said to have purifying properties for body and soul &it gives one the feeling of harmony.
Keep yourself clear and awake with this empowering crystal.

Quartz gives the power to break free from constraints and break through boundaries. Quartz increases positive thoughts and dissolves mental blockages. He conveys the message to not give up and to believe in yourself. It is also used to strengthen the blood circulation and the vessels. It is used for diseases of the digestive organs and for the relief of eye and skin complaints. Quartz has a relaxing effect and is used for headaches and after states of exhaustion. Believe in yourself and your power with this great crystal pendant.

chain length 620mm ; pendant dimension, L 40mm; W 13mm

Please note that this shop is handmade/personalized products, so the turnaround time is 5-7 business days. The delivery time is 2-3 working days until 2 weeks in further countries


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