Scarab chain

The Scarab necklace is hand engraved and made of I RJC certified I eco-friendly& recycled 925 sterling silver and is handmade with fire and passion. Furthermore, a turquoise or jasper stone is embedded.

The scarab is the symbol of life and resurrection and thus also represents a kind of lucky charm. They are equated with the sun’s course, in which the dung ball symbolizes the sun, which the beetle forms, transports and then buries – all of which is ultimately synonymous with the setting of the sun.

Each pendant has one of the following wisdoms engraved on the back.

*Forgive yourself*

*Expect nothing, appreciate everything- Expect nothing, appreciate everything that comes in life.

*Evolve or repeat- Evolve or repeat the lesson

chain length 55 cm ; pendant size L 2cmx W 2,7cmx D 0,8cm

The chain length can be changed as desired. A wish wisdom can be engraved on the back for ca.25€ after arrangement.

Please note that this shop is handmade/personalized products, so the turnaround time is 5-7 business days. The delivery time is 2-3 working days until 2 weeks in further countries


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